My education started at The University of Michigan (BA) and continued at The University of Notre Dame (MBA Marketing). I worked on major mass market brands at Leo Burnett Advertising and Tracy Locke (McDonald’s, Kraft, Pepsi) and then helped build and sell a company called Screenvision. After years building non-traditional media brands I begain my career as a Chief Marketing Officer at X10 Therapy. I help big and small business grow leveraging my deep knowledge of marketing strategy and practice.


Repurpose your content

Repurpose Your Content Think of each blog post as a gift to the world. Your insights are precious. Your thoughts educational and helpful. And that is your job – help, provide, inspire. If you’re good at it you will get someone thinking about the topic at hand from a new perspective. And this educational approach…


Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing (from CMO) How to leverage the podcast for relationahip and business building. Mike Dell Interviews PJ Ewing In the discussion: The origins of The Bee’s Knees Podcast The value of a blue ocean audience with no competition Punching above your weight Providing new resources for your audience Building relationships that endure well past…


Supercharged Product Research

Supercharging Your Findings, Announcements, Product Research An Idea Every company has evidence that supports how great they are. For some it is a client endorsement. For others it is an innovation worthy of a press release. For X10 Knee Therapy it is research that proves that their knee recovery hardware is indeed as good as…