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Digital marketer, crafting innovative solutions for clients big and small.


Who I am & what I do

PJ Ewing

My education started at The University of Michigan (BA) and continued at The University of Notre Dame (MBA Marketing). I worked on major mass market brands at Leo Burnett Advertising and Tracy Locke (McDonald’s, Kraft, Pepsi) and then helped build and sell a company called Screenvision. After years building and selling non-traditional media brands I  became the Chief Marketing Officer at X10 Therapy where I continue to create marvelous marketing each day.

In addition to that wonderful work, today I help big and small business grow leveraging my deep knowedge of marketing strategy and practice.


A showcase of my works

Some examples of my work can be found below.


What I'm good at

You may have an idea that you want to bring to life. Or you just need better tools to communicate what you business is all about. From content creation to website development I can help you and your business grow.

Your Book

From creation to marketing I can help individuals build a name for themselves with a book that showcases their thinking and skills.


Let me help you put your best foot forward for your organization with clear and concise written, video, audio commnication.


Make articles, presentations, brochures sing with arresting and impressive copy and design.


A crucial part of your marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization will break through the clutter of the internet for topics core to your business.

Web Design

Not too fancy or complicated, you want an impressive website that serves up what you audience is looking for immediately.


Yes you do want a video. And most likely you need interviews, audio pieces and blogs. To stand out today you need to share your message where you customers find their information.


I work with people and brands looking for smart marketing

From larger corporations to individual law practices I can help you establish your brand and get your message in front of business prospects.
X10 Therapy

X10 Therapy

X10 Therapy, creator of the X10 Knee Recovery System™.
Aiko Chan CPA PLLC

Aiko Chan

Chan CPA PLLC, CPA accounting practice in New York City.
Getting There Book

Getting There

A new book about knee surgery, recovery and courage.
The Bee's Knees Podcast

The Bee's Knees Podcast

Weekly Podcast, delivered on all podcast platforms to inform interested listners about medical questions and procedures.
Knee Group The Villages

Knee Group The Villages

Helping people get ready for knee surgery since 2016
Upgrade Security Solutions Logo

Upgrade Security Solutions

Best-in-class security solutions.


Don't take my word for it

Aiko Chan

Accountant, CPA
We started a blog and built a website… my business has never been stronger.
The Bee's Knees Podcast

Mary Elliott

Mary Elliott – Co-host The Bee’s Knees Podcast.
Brilliant ideas, very creative. I’ve watched the podcast grow from an idea to an important marketing tool for our company.

Todd Zegras

We have built our business based on PJ’s expertise in digital marketing.

Maria Sidlosca

We are a work in progress as I march toward publishing my first book. Very excited to be working with PJ.


This is how we work together

We start on on the phone. It takes about an hour to brief me on your goals and ideas for marketing your brand. I do some thinking and come back to you with a first round of ideas. We prioritize. I price out the projects indiviually or outline a working relationship, we sign an agreement and we get started.

Defining the problem

“Problem” or, shall we just call it “Opportunity?” Let’s sort out what you want to see out of outbound communication and marketing to start and we work from there.

Conduct the Research

We need to get smart about your business. That takes a week or so. Once we are fully informed about your business marketplace we can get to work.

The Menu

We povide a prioritized menu of strategies and tactics for discussion.

Agreement on Next Steps

The clearer the direction the happier you will be as we get to work on your marketing initiatives.

Design, Creation, Printing

We keep you informed along the way as creative and implementation of your ideas takes shape.


The advancement of your brand and business begins. We track progress along the way.


Let's start a project together!


Call me


My location

New York, NY USA

Business time

Mon – Fri 9:.30 – 16.00