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Using Video for Your Brand

Video for Your Brand Business security is a highly competitive space. There are many small firms competing for a finite pool of business opportunities. Working with the CEO of UpGrade Security Solutions we came up with a “Job Site Video” program to show the actual work on a real job-site to illustrate the firm’s work.…


Repurpose your content

Repurpose Your Content Think of each blog post as a gift to the world. Your insights are precious. Your thoughts educational and helpful. And that is your job – help, provide, inspire. If you’re good at it you will get someone thinking about the topic at hand from a new perspective. And this educational approach…


Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing (from CMO) How to leverage the podcast for relationahip and business building. Mike Dell Interviews PJ Ewing In the discussion: The origins of The Bee’s Knees Podcast The value of a blue ocean audience with no competition Punching above your weight Providing new resources for your audience Building relationships that endure well past…